whatsup gold netflow analysis - harness the power of a flow analyzer on your network

Flow Analysis provides detailed information on network traffic flows between devices on your network – combine this with the power of WhatsUp Gold network management and apply not only the fix, but find the cure.

Use Flow Monitor to monitor and analyse flow data either from your flow enabled network switches and routers or from your non-flow capable devices using Flow Publisher, or do both.

Manage Bandwidth Determine exactly which users, applications or hosts are consuming network bandwidth
Resolve Congestion Track and resolve network traffic or congestion problems
Identify Applications Monitor the network for unauthorized application usage; easily detect streaming audio, video, or file sharing applications
Ensure Performance Ensure critical business applications get the bandwidth they need
Enhance Security Detect DOS attacks and other rogue activity directed at your network

And with Flow Publisher you can do it all with your existing hardware, no upgrade required!

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  • Netflow Analysis for ALL Network Elements - even non flow enabled devices

    WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Analysis - Indentify Solutions, Not Just Fixes

    Flow monitoring lets you find the solution. Easily view flows between networks, devices and servers. Identify problem applications, protocols and services. Click Here To Try It FREE

  • Netflow Analyzer for non-flow capable devices

    flow data from non-flow networks

    Start using flow technology within your existing network by deploying the FlowPublisher agent. Keep your existing legacy network devices, but add valuable flow data collection - and then move it to any segment of your network. Click Here To Try It FREE

  • Windows Server NetFlow Analysis

    manage windows server flows

    Easily identify problem applications and protocols on your Windows servers, and plan for upgrades, moves and changes using a simple, visual representation of your server data flows. Click Here To Try It FREE

  • SAN Netflow Analysis

    extend flow capability to your SAN

    Finding performance bottlenecks & bandwidth reducing configuration errors is a snap when you deploy the Flow Publisher agent within your Storage Area Networks. And best of all, it's available right from your WhatsUp Gold dashboard. Click Here To Try It FREE

  • 3750 Netflow Analyzer, Cisco 3500 and legacy systems Flow Analysis

    backward compatibility assured

    There's no need for disposal or costly infrastructure upgrades – Flow Publisher can provide flow information from legacy 2900, 3500 & 3750 Cisco series devices along with stacks of non-flow enabled networking equipment from 3COM, Alcatel, Juniper, HP & many other vendors. Click Here To Try It FREE

  • WhatsUp Gold Netflow Analysis and Network Management

    whatsUp integration

    Extend your network visibility and go beyond simple up-down availability and identify the actual causes of network traffic congestion with WhatsUp Gold and Flow Monitoring. Click Here To Try It FREE

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